Hard Rock: Great British Rock Climbs
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Hard Rock: Great British Rock-Climbs


Hard Rock: Great British Rock-climbs by Ken Wilson

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Hard Rock: Great British Rock Climbs

Hard Rock: Great British Rock-climbs by Ken Wilson is a classic title, the forerunner of many books that displayed sport in the light of coffee-table volumes accompanied by route descriptions and many fine photographs. Wilson describes the finest climbs in the UK, with 17 from Scotland, 11 in the Lake District, 15 in Wales and a further 17 from outlying sea cliffs and crags. Some of the 'names' of the era, such as Doug Scott and Paul Nunn, have contributed individual chapters. This, the original publication rather than later reprints, is required reading for enthusiasts.

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Wear to edges; sunned spine; tear to upper edge (see photo)
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Pages clean, little signs of wear; binding good; mark inside front cover where a small sticker has been removed
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Ken Wilson (comp)
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