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Looking Forward(157), Dec 2000, p33
When to Retire Your Rope(175), Dec 2003, p32
The Old Days have Gone; Here are the New(176), Feb 2004, pp26-7
One Year On [BCA anniversary](181), Dec 2004, pp26-7
The Sea Caves of Staffa(186), Oct 2005, p26
A Question of Anchors(193), Dec 2006, p33
Playing Russian Roulette [bad air](204), Oct 2008, p23
A Bit of a Bitch [analysis of rope from JH](221), Aug 2011, pp28-9
Handlines for Free [rope tests on old handlines](224), Feb 2012, p31
Do Sheath Defects Weaken a Rope?(227), Aug 2012, p23
Knotty Dangers in SRT(233), Aug 2013, pp20-1
Party On! [BCA AGM party 2013](233), Aug 2013, p22
The CRoW Legacy(240), Oct 2014, pp26-8
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Don't Misuse your Kit!(269), Aug 2019, pp36-7
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Insurance. Take a look at your policy(94), June 1990, p34
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The Grand Tour [Swildon's Hole](194), Feb 2007, pp20-2
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Beyond Portal Pool [Charterhouse Cave](216), Oct 2010, pp26-8
Beyond the (W)hole of Time [Charterhouse Cave](219), April 2011, pp22-5
Two Rounds for Swildon's [Swynne-Puke and Mud Sump round-trips](227), Aug 2012, pp26-7
The Bagpit Depression(280), June 2021, pp20-5
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Beyond Yorkshire Gold [Durmitor expeditions](256), June 2017, pp26-30
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Goughs Cave Diving duo reach Cheddar's fabled underground river(69), March 1986, pp18-19
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MORET, Pat & MORCOM, Kev & SUMPTER, BenExploring Morvah's Cliffs(269), Aug 2019, pp42-3
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MOSELEY, GinaSolving a Climate Riddle [Devils Hole, Nevada](252), Oct 2016, pp26-7
Mendips Ice Caves [cryogenic cave calcite](254), Feb 2017, p23
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Greenland's Calcite (part 2)(274), June 2020, pp18-24
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Busy Schedule for Lancashire Team in Yugoslavia(53), Jan 1983, pp17-19
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MOULDING, MilesThe Destruction of the Robey(197), Aug 2007, p33
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Reinventin' the Wheelie Bin! [Ressel diving](143), Aug 1998, p29
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Stal Sampling & Conservation(120), Oct 1994, p31
A Piece of Unparalleled Daring [Norbert Casteret](156), Oct 2000, pp32-3
The Unique Status of Pen Park Hole [gains SSSI status](252), Oct 2016, pp32-5
MUNOZ, AndrewSo Let me Get This Straight ... [Chimanimani expedition, Zimbabwe](264), Oct 2018, pp30-3
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Oh, Poor Old P8!(48), March 1981, p37
Tests Throw New Light On Giants Watercourse(49), July 1981, pp38-9
Diving La Font Maure in Search of the Aude Gorges Master Cave(52), Oct 1982, pp24-7
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