Descent Publication Dates

The following table was created by Chris Howes and displays issue numbers and publication dates for Descent, with credit for the photographers who supplied the cover images and their locations, to the October 2022 (288) edition when Wild Places passed on publication to Stalactite Publishing. This is therefore a legacy page, maintained as a service for cavers.

Years are separated by a blue background; notes appear on a green background. Full details for each edition are linked from the issue number.

Issue no.


Cover location


Bruce Bedford, editor
Issues (1) to (20) by Tony Payne were all line drawings
Format: Approx A5 (actually, half foolscap), card cover
1 Jan 1969 Caver on ladder

Tony Payne

2 Feb 1969 Caver on ladder
Tony Payne
3 April 1969 Caver on ladder Tony Payne
4 May 1969 Caver on ladder Tony Payne
5 July 1969 Caver on ladder Tony Payne
6 Aug 1969 Caver on ladder Tony Payne
7 Oct 1969 Caver on ladder Tony Payne
8 Nov 1969 Caver on ladder Tony Payne
9 Dec 1969 Caver on ladder Tony Payne
10 Jan 1970 Caver crawling out of entrance Tony Payne
11 Mar 1970 Caver crawling out of entrance Tony Payne
12 May 1970 Cavers camping Tony Payne
13 Aug 1970 Cavers in dingy Tony Payne
14 Oct 1970 Laddering a rift Tony Payne
15 Nov 1970 Cavers on traverse Tony Payne
16 Jan 1971 Pitch head Tony Payne
17 May 1971 Traversing a rift Tony Payne
18 Sept 1971 Abseiling caver Tony Payne
19 Nov 1971 Cavers in passage Tony Payne
20 Feb 1972 Pegasus Pot, Czech Republic Tony Payne
Cover illustrations from issue (21) are black and white photographs
21 May 1972 Alan Jeffreys, Jingling Hole Philip Clark
22 Aug 1972 Mammoth Cave, Jenolan Andrew Pavey
23 April 1973 New Goyden Pot Paul Deakin
24 July 1973 The Cascade, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu II Clive Westlake
25 Sept 1973 Pool Sink, Ease Gill Caverns Ian Davinson
26 Jan 1974 Old Roof Traverse, Lost Johns' P.R. Sanderson
27 Mar 1974 Carlswark Caverns Paul Deakin
28 June 1974 Long Churn route into Alum Pot Dave Eliot
29 Aug 1974 Jerry Wooldridge photographing in Carlswark Cavern Paul Deakin
30 Nov 1974 Old Roof Traverse, Lost Johns' P.R. Sanderson
Publisher name changes to Descent Publications
31 May 1975 Iaro River Cave, New Guinea No credit
32 Sept 1975 Rescue from Ariel Tunnel, Portland Reg Vincent
33 April 1976 Graphic of formations No credit
34 Aug 1976 Graham Moseley on Bolt Traverse, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I Ian Davinson
Publisher name changes to The Mendip Press
35 Jan 1977 Gary Jones in Splash Inlet, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Alan Jackson
36 Mar 1977 Cave diver, P8 Dave Elliot
Publisher name changes to Mendip Publishing
37 Dec 1977 M. Keys, Rumbling Hole Mike Smithson
38 Mar 1978 Hall of the Mountain King, Ogof Craig-a-Ffynnon Ian Davinson
39 July 1978 Fox Chamber, Winnatts' Head Cave Paul Deakin
Format changes to A4, still a card cover
40 Jan 1979 George Cooper, Gouffre de Roque de Cor Paul Deakin
41 Mar 1979 Geoff Yeadon, Keld Head Yorkshire Television
42 July 1979 Terminal Sump, P8 Carter-White
43 Sept 1979 Rob Cobon, Alum Pot Dave Elliot
44 Jan 1980 First pitch, Diccan Pot Clive Westlake
45 Mar 1980 Nigel Dibben, Nettle Pot William Chiswell
46 Sept 1980 Paul Deakin photographing in Peak Cavern William Chiswell
47 Jan 1981 Prusiking the last pitch, Rift Pot Clive Westlake
48 Mar 1981 Winding drum, Sir Francis Mine Mike Smithson
49 July 1981 John Cordingley diving at Buxton Water Sump, Peak Cavern Rob Franklin
50 Sept 1981 Andy Walsh, Roaring Hole David Barker
51 Mar 1982 Martyn Farr diving into Ray Cay Blue Hole, Bahamas Rob Palmer
52 Oct 1982 The Canal, Little Neath River Cave Gavin Newman
53 Jan 1983 Town Drain, South Wales Gavin Newman
54 Aug 1983 Alum Pot Paul Deakin
A new publisher takes over: Ambit Publications; cover now paper rather than card
55 Nov 1983 Climb out of Waterfall Chamber, Waterfall Swallet Dave Elliot
Cover format changes from black and white to full colour photographs
56 [Jan 1984] Peter Bolt, Llygad Llwchwr, South Wales Chris Howes
57 Mar 1984 Bob Cross, Long Churn Chris Howes
58 May 1984 Blue Holes, Bahamas Martyn Farr
59 July 1984 Dave Arvascough, Boss Aven, Giant's Hole Paul Deakin
60 Sept 1984 Hall of the 13, Gouffre Berger, France Bali Ballmann
61 Nov 1984 Steve Ainley, the White Company, Daren Cilau Chris Howes
62 Jan 1985 Crystal Pool, Dan yr Ogof Chris Howes
63 Mar 1985 Hugh Rice near the Confluence, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu II Chris Howes
64 June 1985 Between Poseidon and Python, Nare River Cave Dave Gill
65 Aug 1985 Cueva de la Pena Colorada, Mexico Rob Parker
66 Sept 1985 The Time Machine, Daren Cilau Tony White
67 Nov 1985 Rob Parker, Wookey Hole Randal Bohrer
68 Jan 1986 Location uncredited Uncredited
69 Mar 1986 Ian Rolland, Encilio Passage, Daren Cilau Colin Boothroyd
70 May 1986 Judith Calford, the Candlewax Formations, Dan yr Ogof Chris Howes
71 July 1986 Mike Starr, Gouffre de la Baume, France Pete Spink
72 Sept 1986 Martyn Farr, Elm Hole Stewart Baggs
73 Nov 1986 [Cocklebiddy, Australia] [Francis le Guen]
74 Feb 1987 Hugh Rice, The Punchbowl, South Wales Chris Howes
75 April 1987 Paul Taylor, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu II Tony Baker
76 June 1987 Cath Jones, Prod's Pot Tony Baker
77 Aug 1987 Industrial tunnel, South Wales Martyn Farr
78 Oct 1987 Abseling, Algar da Agua, Portugal Tony Baker
79 Dec 1987 Helen Richardson, Pi Chamber, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Gavin Newman
80 Feb 1988 North Passage, Stargate, Bahamas Bill Stone
81 April 1988 Phil Thomas, blue-green formations, Daren Cilau Pete Bolt
82 June 1988 Main Stream Passage, Lancaster Hole Malcolm Halsey
Bruce Bedford, editor, leaves Descent; Keith Creighton, publisher, edits the next issue as an interim measure
83 Aug 1988 [Hugh Penney], Ogof Igam Ogam [Pete Bolt]
Chris Howes takes over as editor
84 Oct 1988 Rhino Rift Gavin Newman
85 Dec 1988 Malcolm Herbert, Traverses, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Tony Baker
86 Feb 1989 Top of Block Hall, Speedwell Cavern Pete Bolt
87 April 1989 Jodie & Craig's Secret Playground, Ogof Capel Pete Bolt
88 June 1989 Gours, Cuei Feng Dong, China Gavin Newman
89 Aug 1989 Piccadilly, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu II Tony Baker
90 Oct 1989 Rob Wallis, Festival Cave, Russia Keith Wright
91 Dec 1989 Alan Walker, Main Drain, Lancaster Hole Paul Deakin
92 Feb 1990 The White Company, Epocalypse Way, Daren Cilau Gavin Newman
93 April 1990 Steve Foster, Serendipity Pitch, Link Pot Gavin Newman
94 June 1990 Malcolm Stewart diving in Porth yr Ogof Pete Bolt
95 Aug 1990 Pete Glanvill, Arete Chamber, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu II Chris Howes
96 Oct 1990 Roo Walters, Gua Aleya, Irian Jaya Kev Senior
97 Dec 1990 Ian Rolland, Icing on the Cake, Daren Cilau Martyn Farr
98 Feb 1991 Alan Walker, Main Drain, Lancaster Hole Paul Deakin
99 April 1991 Straw, Whisker Cave, South Wales Chris Howes
100 June 1991 Reproduction of first cover and Grant Brennan in Cyclops Pot, Tasmania Tony Payne / David Stuckey
101 Aug 1991 Steve Redwood, Wigmore Swallet Pete Bolt
102 Oct 1991 Geoff Crossley, Little River Spring, Florida Gavin Newman
103 Dec 1991 Summit Hole, Peru Jerry Wooldridge
104 Feb 1992 Curtain, St Cuthbert's Swallet Pete Glanvill
105 April 1992 Beaded helictites, Cave of the Winds, Colorado Chris Howes
106 June 1992 Steve Jones, Hagg Gill Pot Gavin Newman
107 Aug 1992 Neil Weymouth, Mini Columns, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu II Tony Baker
108 Oct 1992 Neil Pacey, White River Series, Peak Cavern Giles Barker
109 Dec 1992 Main Chamber, Gaping Gill (shot in 1951) Len Cook
110 Feb 1993 Gavin Newman, Illu River Cave, Irian Jaya Kev Senior
111 April 1993 Flood Entrance Pot, Gaping Gill System Martyn Farr
112 June 1993 Jane Mitchell, Llygad Llwchwr Chris Howes
113 Aug 1993 Traverse, Cueva de la Lugana, Peru Jerry Wooldridge
114 Oct 1993 Gavin Newman, Noxon Park Iron Mines Chris Howes
115 Dec 1993 [Link Pot: location used as a competition question] Gavin Newman
116 Feb 1994 Waterfall, Sistema el Chorreadera, Mexico Dave Bunnell
117 April 1994 Janice McLauchlan, M16, Migovec Tony Baker
118 June 1994 Glen Malliet, Vesuvius, Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico Peter & Ann Bosted
119 Aug 1994 SRT pastel illustration Mark 'Gonzo' Lumley
120 Oct 1994 Jason Pitman, Cueva de Arbol de Resistol, Mexico Adrian Gregory
121 Dec 1994 Judith Calford, Gilwern Passage, Ogof Draenen Chris Howes
122 Feb 1995 Chris Stine, Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico Peter & Ann Bosted
123 April 1995 Dave Checkley and Kev Senior, Upstream Doline Cave, China Tony Baker
124 June 1995 Malcolm Stewart, Ogof Draenen Chris Howes
125 Aug 1995 Nick Geh, Cueva d'es Pas de Valgornera, Mallorca Martyn Farr
126 Oct 1995 Ann Bosted, Red Passage, Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico Peter & Ann Bosted
127 Dec 1995 Jo Chapman, Cullaun II Gavin Newman
128 Feb 1996 Chris Stine, YO Acres, Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico Peter & Ann Bosted
129 April 1996 Barry Keenan, Cascades Rising Cave, Co. Fermanagh John Kelly
130 June 1996 Pauline Rigby, Ogof Draenen Tim Guilford
131 Aug 1996 Grasping for straws, a manipulated photo Dave Bunnell
132 Oct 1996 Steve Thomas, Dip Sump, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Gavin Newman
133 Dec 1996 Steve Openshaw, Tham None, Laos Adrian Gregory
134 Feb 1997 Pant Mawr Pot (watercolour) David Bellamy
135 April 1997 Little Fishes Cave, Flood Cave and Crawling Dog Cave, China Gavin Newman
136 June 1997 Unnamed caves in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico Peter Jones
137 Aug 1997 Dave Elliot in Alum Pot, Maurice Hewins in Clag Hole, Mendip Dave Morrison
138 Oct 1997 Diana Gietl, Moulin de la Souverainete, Greenland Marc Tremblay
139 Dec 1997 Cueva de Cuchilla, Mexico Peter & Ann Bosted
140 Feb 1988 Pat Cronin, Altinbesik Cave, Turkey Martyn Farr
141 April 1998 Ben Lovett, the Ice Castle, F41, Picos de Europa, Spain Tim Guilford
142 June 1998 Run to the Mill Cave, Tennessee Marc Tremblay
Publisher changes to Wild Places Publishing
143 Aug 1998 Deborah Morgenstern, Honeymead Hole Paul Stillman
144 Oct 1998 Cave diver, Hurtle Pot (pastel drawing) Mark 'Gonzo' Lumley
145 Dec 1998 Commerson's Leaf-nosed Bats, Drotsky's Cave, Botswana Ben Lovett
146 Feb 1999 Diving in the Doux de Coly, France Gavin Newman
147 April 1999 Titan, Peak Cavern, and His Lordship's Hole, Mendip Paul Deakin / Simon Muir
148 June 1999 Pat Cronin, Altinbesik Cave, Turkey Martyn Farr
149 Aug 1999 Sue Hagan, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I Chris Howes
150 Oct 1999 Ogof Gofan Martyn Farr
151 Dec 1999 Lathkill Head Cave Paul Deakin
152 Feb 2000 Swildon's Hole / Rescue from the Vitarelles, France Harry Savory / SSF/FFS
153 April 2000 Maomaotou Yan, Guilin, China Andy Eavis
154 June 2000 Hugh St Lawrence, The Stripper, Trapdoor Pot Pete Hall
155 Aug 2000 Andy King, Torca del Regalon, Picos de Europa, Spain Tim Guilford
156 Oct 2000 Carol Vesely, Santa Cruz, Mexico Ron Simmons
157 Dec 2000 Guiem Mulet, Cova des Pas de Vallgornera, Mallorca Tony Merino
158 Feb 2001 Dave Hardwick, Fishmonger's Swallet Chris Howes
159 April 2001 Notts II Paul Deakin
160 June 2001 Adrian Hall, Malham Cove Rising John Cordingley
161 Aug 2001 Judith Calford, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I Chris Howes
162 Oct 2001 Maria Antonia Garau, Cova des Pas de Vallgornera, Mallorca Tony Merino
163 Dec 2001 Dashiwei doline and Leye River System, China James Alker
164 Feb 2002 Pam Fogg, Easter Cave, Western Australia Tim Fogg
165 April 2002 Pete Bolt, Llygad Llwchwr Chris Howes
166 June 2002 Claire McElwain, Pozu del Xitu, Spain Ben Lovett
167 Aug 2002 Bypass in Reseau du Verneau, France Peter Goosens
168 Oct 2002 Steve Marsh, Ballymaglancy Cave Martyn Farr
169 Dec 2002 Cova des Pas de Vallgornera, Mallorca Tony Merino
170 Feb 2003 Ai Dong, China John Whalley
171 April 2003 Alum Pot John Forder
172 June 2003 Pestera Vantului, Romania Hugh Penney
173 Aug 2003 Diving in Nascente do Rio Formoso, Brazil Martyn Farr
174 Oct 2003 Maria Antonia Garau, Cova des Pas de Vallgornera, Mallorca Tony Merino
175 Dec 2003 Ben Lovett, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I Chris Howes
176 Feb 2004 Champs Elysees, Da Dong, China Duncan Collis
177 April 2004 Planinska jama, Slovenia Martyn Farr
178 June 2004 Steve Jones, Boreham Cave Gavin Newman
179 Aug 2004 Robbie Shone, Elevator Cave, Mulu Andy Eavis
180 Oct 2004 Judith Calford, Black Chasm, California Chris Howes
181 Dec 2004 Grotte du Crotot, France Andi Schober
182 Feb 2005 Jenny Pinder, Alum Pot Martyn Farr
183 April 2005 Dave Nixon, Titan Robbie Shone
184 June 2005 Stan Allison, Chandelier Ballroom, Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico Gavin Newman
185 Aug 2005 Ged Benn, Goldrush pitch, Klondike Pot Dave Ryall
186 Oct 2005 Dersios, Greece Robbie Shone
187 Dec 2005 Diving Murra-El-Elevyn, Nullabor, Australia Martyn Farr
188 Feb 2006 Martin Beale, The Courtesan, Agen Allwedd Martyn Farr
189 April 2006 Mark Brown, the Night Watchmen, White Rock Cave, Mulu Robbie Shone
190 June 2006 Cave pearls, Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico Gavin Newman
191 Aug 2006 Ben Lovett, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I Chris Howes
192 Oct 2006 Helen Rider, Ordinskaya, Russia Martyn Farr
193 Dec 2006 Rob Eavis, Parthenon Pot, Crete Robbie Shone
194 Feb 2007 Mike Richardson, Neverland, Upper Flood Swallet Mark Shinwell
195 April 2007 Flo Gruner, Gouffre Euzedes, France Andi Schober
196 June 2007 Mark Brown in a shaft, White Mountains, Crete Robbie Shone
197 Aug 2007 Dave Harley, the Event Horizon, Titan Robbie Shone
198 Oct 2007 John Robinson, Long Churn Cave Dave Ryall
199 Dec 2007 Maypole Inlet, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu II Paddy O'Reilly
200 Feb 2008 Mosaic of all 199 previous covers [design by Chris Howes]
201 April 2008 Jim Lister, Pickering's Passage, Peak Cavern Richard Tooley
202 June 2008 Matt Ewles, Holy Grail formation, Excaliber Pot Gary Douthwaite
203 Aug 2008 Rob Eavis, Tripa tou Voria, Greece Robbie Shone
204 Oct 2008 Tony 'Badger' Radmall, Ogof Draenen Paul 'Footleg' Fretwell
205 Dec 2008 Eishohle, Tennengebirge, Austria Andi Schober & Gaspard Magarinos
206 Feb 2009 Tim Webber, the Cascades, Titan Rob Eavis
207 April 2009 Serena Povia, Peak Cavern Toby Speight
208 June 2009 Toni Sharp and David Holmes, Swildon's Hole Steve Sharp
209 Aug 2009 Mandy Voisy, Fernhill Cave Mark 'Gonzo' Lumley
210 Oct 2009 Fleur Loveridge, Ogof Draenen Ben Lovett
211 Dec 2009 Annie Guiraud, Stephens Gap, Alabama Philippe Crochet
212 Feb 2010 Hauling gear in J2, Mexico Kasia Biernacka & Marcin Gala
213 April 2010 Dan Hibberts, Fox Chamber, Winnats Head Cave Rob Eavis
214 June 2010 James Alker, Pompom Passage, Whiterock Cave, Mulu Robbie Shone
215 Aug 2010 Krizna jama, Slovenia Andi Schober & Gaspard Magarinos
216 Oct 2010 Annie Guiraud, Grotte de la Cocaliere, FRance Philippe Crochet
217 Dec 2010 Eishohle, Tennengebirge, Austria Andi Schober & Gaspard Magarinos
218 Feb 2011 Richard Mercer, Witches II Mark Shinwell
219 April 2011 Tim Allen, Boxhead Pot Robbie Shone
220 June 2011 Toni Mulet, Cova des Pas de Vallgornera, Mallorca Tony Merino
221 Aug 2011 Martin Barnicott, Reseau Felix Trombe, France Robbie Shone
222 Oct 2011 Annie Guiraud, Kazamura Cave, Hawaii Philippe Crochet
223 Dec 2011 Aven du Mont Marcou, France Sergio Laburu
224 Feb 2012 Serena Povia, Wretched Rabbit, Ease Gill Caverns Mark Shinwell
225 April 2012 Cova des Pas de Vallgornera, Mallorca Tony Merino
226 June 2012 Pete Bradford, Swildon's Hole Paul Dold
227 Aug 2012 Annie Guiraud, Cueva de Santa Catalina, Cuba Philippe Crochet
228 Oct 2012 Red Seas area, Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico Kevin Downey & Urs Widmer
229 Dec 2012 The Astrodome, Cueva de la Hoyuca, Matienzo, Spain Paul 'Footleg' Fretwell
230 Feb 2013 The Triple Jump, Shep Pot Frank Pearson
231 April 2013 Sam Townsend, Cliffstile Mine Rob Eavis
232 June 2013 Golokratna jama, Slovenia Peter Gedei
233 Aug 2013 Steve Sharp, Maypole Inlet, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Paul Dold
234 Oct 2013 Aaron Bowering, Goatchurch Cavern Steve Sharp
235 Dec 2013 Laura Trowbridge, St Cuthbert's Swallet Stu Gardiner
236 Feb 2014 Erin Lynch, Cloud Ladder Hall, Quankou Dong, China Robbie Shone
237 April 2014 Kieran McKay, Nettlebed, New Zealand Neil Silverwood
238 June 2014 Annie Guiraud, Martinska jama, Slovenia Philippe Crochet
239 Aug 2014 Chris Blakeley, Gouffre Berger, France Robbie Shone
240 Oct 2014 Martyn Farr, Avalon Hall, Totara Cave, New Zealand Martyn Farr
241 Dec 2014 Henry Dawson, Swildon's Hole Stu Gardiner
242 Feb 2015 Judith Calford, Moai formation, Easter Cave, Mulu Chris Howes
243 April 2015 Emma Battensby, Krem Ksow Lamet, Meghalaya Hellie Brooke
244 June 2015 Matthew Wood, Grand Circle, Agen Allwedd Steve Sharp
245 Aug 2015 Neil Warrington, Bulmer Cavern, New Zealand Neil Silverwood
246 Oct 2015 Andy Kempster, The Narrows, Nettle Pot Mark Burkey
247 Dec 2015 Havva Yildirim Coltu, Mencilis Cave, Turkey Paul Dold
248 Feb 2016 Kelda Jones, Selenite Tunnel, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Chris Howes
249 April 2016 Tony White, Conviction Cave, Mulu Rob Eavis
250 June 2016 Sharon Hussey, Swamp Creek, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Brendan Marris
251 Aug 2016 Jess Burkey, Swildon's Hole Mark Burkey
252 Oct 2016 Paul Dold, G.B. Cave Steve Sharp
253 Dec 2016 Adrian Hall, Tinkle Tubes, Boreham Cave Dave Ryall
254 Feb 2017 Annie Guiraud, Sao Mateus II, Brazil Philippe Crochet
255 April 2017 Paul Mackrill, Krem Mawpun, Meghalaya Chris Howes
256 June 2017 Russ Brooks, Devis Hole Mine Caves Dave Ryall
257 Aug 2017 Honeycomb Hill, New Zealand Neil Silverwood
258 Oct 2017 Andy Eavis, Deer Cave, Mulu Chris Howes
259 Dec 2017 Lucy Greenwood, Curtain Chamber, St Cuthbert's Swallet Stu Gardiner
260 Feb 2018 Marcel Dikstra, Krem Sakwa, Meghalaya Chris Howes
261 April 2018 Roxanne Ramsay, Heron Pot Paul Swire
262 June 2018 Lucy Greenwood, Bluewater Cave, Philippines Stu Gardiner
263 Aug 2018 Paul Fairman, Manor Farm Swallet Bill Nix
264 Oct 2018 The Sunflower, Grotte de Saint-Marcel, France Philippe Crochet
265 Dec 2018 Nicky Bayley, Marble Showers, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Mark Burkey
266 Feb 2019 Cottonwood Cave, New Mexico Chris Howes
267 April 2019 Jane Allen, Heron Pot Mark Burkey
268 June 2019 Yana Bilynets, Velika Rutarjeva jama, Slovenia Peter Gedei
269 Aug 2019 Rainer Straub, Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico Max Wisshak
270 Oct 2019 Helen Rider, Ralph's Cave, Abaco, Bahamas Martyn Farr
271 Dec 2019 Annie Guiraud, Kagekiyo-ana, Japan Philippe Crochet
272 Feb 2020 Pavel Demidov, Verevkina, Georgia Robbie Shone
273 April 2020 Kalvarija, Krizna jama, Slovenia Peter Gedei
274 June 2020 Pete Hodkinson, Grotte de Quatre, Greenland Robbie Shone
275 Aug 2020 Cova des Coloms, Mallorca Vincent Gerber
276 Oct 2020 Harwood Hole, New Zealand Max Wisshak
277 Dec 2020 Dylan Kocher, Cussey Pot Rob Eavis
278 Feb 2021 Rachel Smith, Hang Don Doong, Vietnam Martyn Farr
279 April 2021 Annie Guiraud, Grotte de la Vieille Folle, France Philippe Crochet
280 June 2021 Cave of the Hundred Columns, California Dave Bunnell
281 Aug 2021 Tim Allen, Baby pitch, MayDay Hole Mark Burkey
282 Oct 2021 Kevin Speight, Rhino Rift Bartek Biela
283 Dec 2021 Chris Jewell, Notts II sump Bartek Biela
284 Feb 2022 Graham Linnane, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu SMWCRT
285 April 2022 Alistair 'Tack' Smith in Clearwater Cave, Mulu Chris Howes
286 June 2022 Emma Key in Death's Head Inlet, Lost Johns' Cave Bill Nix
287 Aug 2022 Diane Arthurs in Fing Hopeless Pot Mark Burkey
288 Oct 2022 Judith Calford in Grotte de la Toussaint, Ardeche, France Chris Howes
Publisher changes to Stalactite Publishing
289 Dec 2022 Xe Bang Fai River Cave, Laos Chris Howes