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FARNSWORTH, DavidPump up the Volume [digging with a hydraulic ram pump]
(198), Oct 2007, pp26-7
FARR, MartynWookey Hole Breakthrough
(34), Aug 1976, pp15-16
Decompression Next Stage in Wookey Diving
(35), Jan 1977, pp32-3
Careful Build-Up To Longest Wookey Dives
(36), March 1977, pp29-30
Farr’s Travels
(36), March 1977, pp30-1
Depth Record in Big Wookey Dive
(37), Dec 1977, pp22-3
Iran ‘77
(38), March 1978, pp42-7
Big CDG Assault on Irish Sumps
(40), Jan 1979, pp18-19
Reyfad Is Ireland’s Deepest – and Still Going Strong
(42), July 1979, p17
Another 1,000ft of Passage Added By Divers To Reyfad
(44), Jan 1980, pp16-17
Far Sump Passed in Peak Cavern – But T’Owd Man Was There First!
(48), March 1981, pp10-14
Irish Caver Drowned in Pollnacrom
(48), March 1981, p15
British Divers Brave ‘Him of de Hahnds’ in the Exotic But Treacherous Blue Holes
(51), March 1982, pp24-8
Gruelling Carries Key To Major Welsh Dives
(51), March 1982, pp28-9
Blue Holes ‘82: World submarine record for British cave divers in Conch
(53), Jan 1983, pp26-9
Wookey – Still Divers’ Mecca. New record for Farr in major push to 200ft
(54), Aug 1983, pp14-15
Crag [Crag Cave, Co. Kerry]
(55), Nov 1983, pp15-17
Aggy Reveals More Secrets!
(58), May 1984, pp14-17
In the Darkness Under the Sun, a Diver’s Valve Jams 2,400ft In
(58), May 1984, pp20-4
Sarawak ‘84 Team Returns in Triumph
(59), July 1984, p19
Two-Pronged Assault in the Wilderness of Mulu
(60), Sept 1984, pp20-5
Daren Cilau. How Britain’s most spectacular passage was discovered
(64), June 1985, pp12-15
China Caves Expedition ‘85
(65), Aug 1985, pp14-15
Through Llangattock Mountain
(72), Sept 1986, pp19-26
Daren Cilau. Through the Micron to “more open passage than we could cope with”
(79), Dec 1987, pp16-17
New Diving Light From Underwater Kinetics
(91), Dec 1989, p27
Closing the Gap. The Aggy-Daren link is one step closer
(99), April 1991, pp26-7
Pushing the Darkness. An interview with Martyn Farr [interview by Chris Howes]
(100), June 1991, pp29-31
Doolin – The end in sight?
(103), Dec 1991, pp26-7
The Lost River of Kinvarra.
(110), Feb 1993, pp24-5
Thin End of the Wedge [Access to Llangattock area]
(112), June 1993, pp34-5
Busman’s Holiday [Daren Cilau]
(113), Aug 1993, pp20-1
Dragons in Japan
(117), April 1994, pp24-5
Two Weeks in the Taurus
(140), Feb 1998, pp26-8
The Schwyll Enigma
(141), April 1998, pp20-3
Vale: Peter Fowler 1953-1998
(147), April 1999, p25
Another Mountain to Climb
(148), June 1999, pp28-9
Through the Eye [Llygad Llwchwr extension, part 1]
(164), Feb 2002, pp20-2
Beyond the Eye [Llygad Llwchwr extension, part 2]
(165), April 2002, pp20-1
On the Edge [diving in Pigeon Hole]
(168), Oct 2002, pp30-2
Destination Slovenia
(177), April 2004, pp36-7
Nullarbor Dreaming [cave diving, part 1]
(186), Oct 2005, pp36-7
A Taste of Nullarbor [cave diving, part 2]
(187), Dec 2005, pp24-5
In the Deep, Deep Freeze [Russia]
(192), Oct 2006, pp20-2
A Refreshingly Different Holiday [Dominican Republic](213), April 2010, pp30-2
It’s a Long Way from Tipperary [Pozo Azul](217), Dec 2010, pp22-6
Spring Fever [diving Spittal Springs, New Zealand](234), Oct 2013, pp30-32
Return to Spittal Springs [New Zealand](240), Oct 2014, pp1,20-2
A Golden Age of Exploration [East Takaka exploration, New Zealand](247), Dec 2015, pp32-4
The Land of Darby O'Gill [diving Cat's Hole, Co. Mayo](248), Feb 2016, pp16-18
Where Water Flows Uphill [Kefalonia, Greece](263), Aug 2018, pp34-6
Down the Tube [Atlantida Tunnel](267), April 2019, pp20-3
The Finest of all Underwater Caves [the Crystal Caves of Abaco](270), Oct 2019, pp32-5
The Ultimate Cave Tour [Hang Son Doong](278), Feb 2021, pp18-23
FARR, Martyn et alThen Came the Call [Rob Palmer obituary](137), Aug 1997, pp31-3
The Man with the Edge [Rob Parker obituary](139), Dec 1997, pp28-30
FARRANT, AndyA Date for a Cave(120), Oct 1994, pp30-1
Opening Your Eyes to Cave Science(256), June 2017, pp32-3
FAWCETT, AdrianThe Queen of Hearts [Ogof Ddwy Sir](140), Feb 1998, p35
[FEEHAN, John & CRITCHLEY, Martin]Mine Exploration for the People(92), Feb 1990, pp25-7
FERRIDAY, LenaTalking of How Things Were [UBSS oral history project](273), April 2020, p32
FLETCHER, Stan & GUNN, John & PRIME, DavidRadon and Caver Health. A case for caution(86), Feb 1989, pp26-7
FOGG, PamThe China Caves Project. Mashan base(82), June 1988, p20
To Cross a Red Lake ... [China](111), April 1993, pp20-1
The Land of Dancing Gypsum(118), June 1994, pp20-2
Mud, Sweat and Caves [Kalimantan ’96](134), Feb 1997, pp24-5
Dog Cams and Sound Bites [filming Ultimate Caves](197), Aug 2007, pp20-3
Slainte Farrell [Write it Down!: Farrell McGourty](255), April 2017, p38
FOGG, TimA Return to Lechuguilla [film-making](262), June 2018, pp36-7
FOORD, TomThe Courtesan Beckons [Agen Allwedd](188), Feb 2006, pp20-2
It's Not Ideal [expeditions to the Dachstein, to 2016](259), Dec 2017, pp40-4
In Search of Wadiland [connection of WUG with the Hirlatzhohle, pt 1](265), Dec 2018, pp23-8
Finding Wadiland [connection of Wug with the Hirlatzhohle, pt 2](266), Feb 2019, pp36-40
FORCE, KathA Polish Visit. East meets West(90), Oct 1989, pp34-5
FORD, Trevor D.The Cave Research Group. Twenty-five years old(H2), 1971, p33-4
Cavers Sounded Out Over CRG/BSA Merger(22), Aug 1972, pp26-8
FORDER, JohnPicture Parade(43), Sept 1979, pp20-2
FOSTER, SteveThe Use of Natural Belays in SRT(68), Jan 1986, pp24-6
An Alpine-Style Descent of the Gouffre Berger(H4), 1987, pp5-14
FOX, ChrisGoyden’s Divine Escape Route(153), April 2000, pp24-5
The Shortest Way to 10k [Harrogate Hole](167), Aug 2002, p33
Ever the Eternal Optimist [dry link Goyden Pot with Manchester Hole](173), Aug 2003, pp25-6
A Small Hop from a Frog(178), June 2004, pp28-9
A Deeper Frog [Frog Pot](188), Feb 2006, pp30-1
The Frog Leaps Further(191), Aug 2006, pp22-3
FOX, Chris & HOWES, ChrisLearning from the Manchester Tragedy [Joseph Lister fatality](215), Aug 2010, p37
FRANCE, StuartRescue From Daren Cilau(93), April 1990, pp24-5
Don’t Worry – It Won’t Last Long [Daren Cilau rescue practice](94), June 1990, p27
Cave Detection By Air Temperature Variation(100), June 1991, pp41-2
FRANCE, Stuart & GIBSON, DavidThe Future is not Orange [LED lights](157), Dec 2000, p23
FRANCIS, PeteShangri-La [Hei Long Dong, China](128), Feb 1996, p35
The Wolves [Ogof Gwynt yr Eira](129), April 1996, pp34-5
FRANCIS, TimThe Best Trip Ever [Upper Flood Swallet](193), Dec 2006, pp20-2
FRANCIS, Tim & CORRIGAN, Joel & GERRISH, RichMore Pain With Little Gain [Mitzendorfer Höhle and Eisturnenhöhle, Austria](162), Oct 2001, pp24-7
FRANKLAND, John C.Los Tayos. A pint at t’Heifer, then caving’s zaniest expedition(40), Jan 1979, pp26-31
FREEM, AndyThe Marros Enigma [discovery of Ogof Marros](248), Feb 2016, pp22-4
The Llethrid Saga [regaining access](283), Dec 2021, pp32-8
FRETWELL, Paul ‘Footleg’The Future of Cave Surveying(211), Dec 2009, pp23-5
Matienzo. A Fiesta at Fifty(216), Oct 2010, pp32-4
Shooting the Cover [panoramic photography in the Astradome, Cueva de la Hoyuca Matienzo, Spain(229), Dec 2012, p41
FRETWELL, Paul ‘Footleg’ & RADMALL, Tony 'Badger'That Wicked Smile [Vale: Paul Dold](253), Dec 2016, pp20-1
FRIEND, ClarkResearching Cave Radon(203), Aug 2008, pp30-1
Radon in South Wales(214), June 2010, p19
FROST, RichardOgof T1. Here today, gone ...(218), Feb 2011, p35