Descent Author Index A

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(81), April 1988, pp20-3
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(3), April 1969, pp15–19
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(66), Oct 1985, pp14-15
Ogof Ffynnon Taf
(70), May 1986, pp9-11
Divers Find Half-Kilometre System in Ireland’s Green Holes
(73), Nov 1986, pp17-19
Hell or High Water [Green Holes, Ireland]
(76), June 1987, pp12-14
The Discovery and Loss of Ogof Cil yr Ychen
(84), Oct 1988, p17
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AINLEY, SteveBarlands Quarry Cave 2 – Long delayed sump attempt
(70), May 1986, p32
Mystery Initials in ‘Lost’ Gower Cave [Wooley’s Hole]
(72), Sept 1986, p11
The Clydach Project
(72), Sept 1986, pp27-9
Sounding the Dive Prospects On Majorca Coast
(80), Feb 1988, pp34-5
AINLEY, Steve & COOPER, Gareth
Ogof Capel. How a fresh approach led to the breakthrough.
(78), Oct 1987, pp16-17
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(63), March 1985, pp20-4
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(184), June 2005, pp22-3
ALKER, JamesA Youngster in Borneo [Gunung Benarat]
(179), Aug 2004, pp20-2
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(72), Sept 1986, pp30-3
ALLEN, TerryAnxiety, Imagery and SRT
(103), Dec 1991, p29
ALLEN, TimIreby from the Inside(206), Feb 2009, p30
At Last, a Reality [major connection in the Three Counties System](223), Dec 2011, pp32-3
The Final Piece of the Jigsaw [final major Three Counties connection, pt 1](224), Feb 2012, pp18-21,23
The True Length Unravelled [length of the Three Counties System](224), Feb 2012, pp24-5
The Final Piece of the Jigsaw [final major Three Counties connection, pt 2](225), April 2012, pp19-21
The Three Counties Media Circus(225), April 2012, pp24-5
It's a Cracker [Lost John's system](227), Aug 2012, pp20-2
A Midge-infested, Draughtless No-hoper ... [Shep Pot](230), Feb 2013, pp20-5
Connection Fever [Rift Pot to Low Douk Cave](233), Aug 2013, pp16-18
Cave Access – Out in the Open [challenging CRoW access to open land](237), April 2014, pp30-2
The Longest Cave [length of Ease Gill System]
(240), Oct 2014, p36-9,
A Wallow in Mud [discovery of Trenchtown, Boxhead Pot]
(245), Aug 2015, pp14-15
If in Doubt – Bring it Out [conservation]
(245), Aug 2015, p20
The World's Voids in 3D
(245), Aug 2015, pp34-9,42-3
Changing Attitudes to Cleaning Caves
(247), Dec 2015, p19
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ALLISON, Charlie
Remembering Malcolm [obituary Malcolm Cotter]
(191), Aug 2006, p26
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ALLSHORN, SamAlmost a Hammer Horror [Hammer Pot]
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Shuddering in the Dales [Black Shiver Pot]
(210), Oct 2009, pp26-7
Caves and CRoW [analysis of entrances in Northern England](235), Dec 2013, pp36-8
The Pit and the Storm [new routes in Simpson Pot](243), April 2015, pp30-1
New Dales Anchors [rigging topos](250), June 2016, pp10-11
Rigging Quaking [Pot](267), April 2019, pp32-3
Seven-eighths of a Hole [Broken Finger Pot](278), Feb 2021, p17
ALLSHORN, Sam & CAMPION, GedAnchoring Newby Moss [Cave](279), April 2021, pp16-18
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ALLWRIGHT, PeteRescue: The Stats of the Matter
(151), Dec 1999, pp20-2
Approaches to Cave Rescue
(217), Dec 2010, p29
Nicola Makes the Grade [Nicola 3 cave radio developed](225), April 2012, p31
ALLWRIGHT, Pete et alIbbeth’s Upstream Downstream
(115), Dec 1993, pp32-3
Under Dentdale [Upper Hackergill Cave/Twang Cave]
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Safety Point [Rescon 2005 conference]
(188), Feb 2006, p23
Hungarian Rhapsody [11th International Cave Rescue Conference](198), Oct 2007, pp32-4
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The Twang Cave Extensions
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APPLEING, DaveLate for Dinner [Slaughter Stream Cave]
(129), April 1996, p30
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Telephone Power From Your Nife Cell(11), March 1970, pp11-15
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AULER, AugustoDiving Brazil(113), Aug 1993, pp28-9