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HAIGH, DaveBooty and the Beast [incident with a sheep](160), June 2001, p32
Aven Calling [Parkinson's Pot](177), April 2004, pp30-1
What a Corker! [Corky's Pot](180), Oct 2004, pp20-2
Persistence Pays [Ingleborough discoveries](189), April 2005, pp24-6
My First Caving Trip [competition winner](200), Feb 2008, pp31-2
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'Don't Think It's All That Deep ...' [Loser's Pot](167), Aug 2002, pp20-2
HAIGH, Dave et alIn Hensler's Footsteps [Hensler's Pot to Hensler's High Aven connection, Gaping Gill](175), Dec 2003, pp20-2
Explorers of the Sunless Sea [multi-author tribute to Mike Boon](243), April 2015, pp24-7
HALL, AdrianThe Boreham Extensions [with photography by Dave Ryall](253), Dec 2016, pp22-7
HALL, AndyBUSS to the Picos De Europa(26), Jan 1974, pp12-13
HALL, Andy & ALTRINGHAM, JohnThe Link with Link Pot [live TV broadcast](201), April 2008, p36
HALL, PeteIn the Founders' Footsteps [CDG 75 anniversary](283), Dec 2021, pp40-1
HALL, PetePitch after Pitch after Pitch [Trapdoor Pot](154), June 2000, p29
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The Bomb on Greenhow Hill(190), June 2006, pp20-1
The Winch at Gaping Gill(191), Aug 2006, pp24-5
Into British Depths [Descent retrospective](202), June 2008, pp22-4
105 Days Below [Geoff Workman obituary](279), April 2021, p30
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A Mendip Caver with a Camera [Nick Barrington obituary](235), Dec 2013, pp40-2
HANWELL, Jim & AUDSLEY, TonyGentleman of the South [obituary Mike Thompson](201), April 2008, pp24-5
HARDING, Nick & RICHARDS, NickThe Search for Loxton Cavern(189), April 2005, pp28-30
HARDWICK, DaveIt was Only a Fishmonger's Tooth [filming in Fishmonger's Hole](203), Aug 2008, p36
Caving's Hairy Ancestors [broadcast film](204), Oct 2008, p35
Nenthead's Heritage [NAMHO Conference 2015](245), Aug 2015, p19
HARDWICK, Dave & RANDELL, JackThe Fishmonger's Bones [Time Team and Fishmonger's Hole](158), Feb 2001, pp20-2
HARPER, RobThe Abode of the Clouds [India](113), Aug 1993, pp31-3
It's a Dirty Job, but ... [Panama](190), June 2006, pp24-6
HARRISON, RhettThe Final Curtain [Pridhamsleigh Cavern](235), Dec 2013, pp28-9
HARRISON, TomFinding the Unexpected [Pearl Mine](261), April 2018, pp25-7
HARRISON, TonyHypogenic Danby [Danby Level Cave](251), August 2016, p19
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HATHERLEY, Paul & PARKER, PhilA New Caving Structure(102), Oct 1991, p34
HEAD, ChrisMissing Caver Found During Fresh Searches of Berger This Spring(83), Aug 1988, p13
HEALEY, IanExtenuating Circumstances [Slaughter Stream Cave extension](227), Aug 2012, pp34-5
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HERON, EmmaBeyond the Puddle [diving White Keld](250), June 2016, pp28-30
HESKETH, Harry 'Eski'Between 45m and G'day Cobber! [Strangle Pot](160), June 2001, pp34-5
The Battle of the Bilge [Foul Pot](162), Oct 2001, pp20-1
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Sleets Gill: A natural paranoia [part 2](123), April 1995, pp34-6
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HINDE, AndrewA Landowner's Descent [of Fairy Holes](261), April 2018, p33
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Himalaya. Expedition 'pleased' with 200ft pot(16), Jan 1971, pp22-4
HOFF, Martin & MOODY, Cat & SIMS, MarkBeyond Yorkshire Gold [Durmitor expeditions](256), June 2017, pp26-30
HOLDEN, PeterCaving in East Africa(59), July 1984, pp24-8
HOLLINGS, PeteA Kilometre a Day [Mexico](152), Feb 2000, pp30-2
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The Stal of Dentdale(259), Dec 2017, p38
Sunset Exploration [Write it Down!](287), Aug 2022, p38
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If You Wait Long Enough It Comes in the End(57), March 1984, pp28-32
Cave Photography. Part 1. Equipment basics(65), Aug 1985, p30-3
Cave Photography. Part 2. DIY ... Getting the most from slaves ... The film for the job(66), Oct 1985, pp32-5
Photography. Part 3. The creative use of lighting for better results(67), Nov 1985, pp16-20
Breaking Hallowed Ground in the 'Caver's Saint' Quest(80), Feb 1988, p29
Ogof Ffynnon Taf. Lesser Garth Cave under threat(84), Oct 1988, pp14-16
The Descent Survey(84), Oct 1988, pp19-24
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Making Slaves for Cavers(85), Dec 1988, pp34-5
It's Dangerous Below 150 Feet(87), April 1989, p32
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Scrapes, Breaks & Bruises(102), Oct 1991, p23
Apex 10 Lamp [gear review](104), Feb 1992, pp32-3
Brock Helmet [gear review](106), June 1992, pp30-1
New Base for Pennine Training(107), Aug 1992, p30
The Porth Fatalities(109), Dec 1992, pp22-3
Apex 17 [gear review](111), April 1993, pp33-4
Dobi Rope Brush [gear review](112), June 1993, p31
Pelican VersaLite [gear review](115), Dec 1993, p25
Underground Literature(117), April 1994, p34
Timex Indiglo Watch [gear review](119), Aug 1994, p19
Firefly 2 Slave Unit [gear review](121), Dec 1994, p28
Pelican Protector Cases [gear review](123), April 1995, p33
From Times Gone By [historical photographs](126), Oct 1995, p32
Petzl Duo Headtorch [gear review](127), Dec 1995, p29
Due South [Ogof Draenen](127), Dec 1995, p34
The Underground Pencil of Linda Heslop(128), Feb 1996, pp20-1
Cool Fix Thermal Clothing [gear review](132), Oct 1996, p29
Ogof Draenen(134), Feb 1997, p9
Towler's Photography [Ingleborough Cave](134), Feb 1997, p16
Snaplight Lightstick [gear review](134), Feb 1997, p23
World Record Dive(134), Feb 1997, p29
A Congressional Hearing(138), Oct 1997, pp30-1
Wonder of the Peak(141), April 1998, p32
In the Beginning ..(143), Aug 1998, p5
The Most Southerly Caves on Earth(145), Dec 1998, p27
The Words of Thirty Years ... [Descent anniversary](146), Feb 1999, p5
Going Underground in Leeds(148), June 1999, p19
A Tale of Two Letters(148), June 1999, p30
Firefly Bulb Firer 1 [gear review](149), Aug 1999, p25
Inglesport Caving Helmet [gear review](151), Dec 1999, p25
Images from the Past(153), April 2000, p23
Jade Green Water [Wookey Hole](155), Aug 2000, p35
The Last Remnants(157), Dec 2000, p34
Onward and Outward [expedition awards 2001](159), April 2001, p27
Lucido T7 Headtorch [gear review](160), June 2001, p35
First Choice Expedition Foods [gear review](161), Aug 2001, p36
The Blizzard Pack Survival Bag [gear review](163), Dec 2001, p17
The Buxton Diamonds [book extract dated 1683 about Poole's Cavern following the Hidden Earth conference 2001](163), Dec 2001, p18
Otter Boxes [gear review](165), April 2002, p29
I Just Want To Go Caving! [insurance increases](168), Oct 2002, p5
Petzl Duo 8-LED Module [gear review](168), Oct 2002, p19
Aquapac Waterproof Cases [gear review](169), Dec 2002, p31
Journey Into Amazing Caves [film, CD, DVD and book review](170), February 2003, p16
Howe's Cave Redevelopment [New York, USA](170), Feb 2003, pp18-19
Our Exploits in Caves [rediscovery of film of Thomas Hardy's story](171), April 2003, p5
Memory-Map Navigator & Cartography [gear review](171), April 2003, pp22-3
To Cheve and Beyond [the expeditions of 2003](171), April 2003, pp32-3
Descending Gaping Gill [first descent and shaft measurement analysis](172), June 2003, p10
An Incredible Number [development of Caving.UK's website](172), June 2003, p24
The Hidden Resurgence [Porth yr Ogof](172), June 2003, p27
Not So Clumsy Cavemen [archaeological discoveries](172), June 2003, p29
A Genius Inventor. Fernand Petzl [obituary](173), Aug 2003, p30
Kitum's Elephants [TV programme](175), Dec 2003, p8
Our Biggest Liability [cessation of caving insurance](175), Dec 2003, p24-5
Brits Abroad (expedition grants](177), April 2004, pp16-17
Casualty Underground [filming the soap](177), April 2004, p33
All the World's a Stage [Mexico rescue: media reports](178), June 2004, pp25-6
ActivSkin Garments [gear review](178), June 2004, p29
High in the Sky Photography [gear review](179), Aug 2004, p25
Petzl Spelios and DuoBelt [gear review](180), Oct 2004, p34
Draenen is Ten(181), Dec 2004, p32
Heading Overseas in 2005 [grant awards](183), April 2005, pp30-1
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Toughprint [gear review](186), Oct 2005, p30
Sport for Some [editorial: funding and the Olympics](188), Feb 2006, p5
Brits Abroad [grants awards](189), April 2005, p23
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No Hairy Oiks Allowed [follow-up to editorial in 188:5](189), April 2005, p32
Lascaux's Fungus(191), Aug 2006, p31
A Night at the Speleomovies(193), Dec 2006, pp28-9
The Axbridge Histories [Axbridge CG publications](194), Feb 2007, p25
Supporting Exploration [expedition grants 2007](195), April 2007, p32
Anchor Failure on Mendip(196), June 2007, p35
Panoramas and Giants [Lechuguilla Cave and Sima GESM](197), Aug 2007, pp34-5
Caving Fatalities in the UK(198), Oct 2007, pp29-31
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Wookey's Anniversary(214), June 2010, p25
Leo Palmer's Chamber(215), Aug 2010, p35
Named for an Outlaw [science meeting at Poole's Cavern](215), Aug 2010, p43
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Across Dinaric Karst [Whitley Fund for Nature awards](220), June 2011, pp44-5
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Ghar Parau Expedition Support [grants and fundraising for 2013](229), Dec 2012, p18
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The First [through the Long Crawl, Dan yr Ogof](231), April 2013, p23
The Expeditions of 2013 [expedition grants](231), April 2013, p28
Sawyer Water Filter [gear review](232), June 2013, p25
Where History Meets Future [report on the 16th International Congress of Speleology](234), Oct 2013, pp16-18
Name the Lady [Images from the Past](234), Oct 2013, p29
Bamboo Base Layer [gear review](235), Dec 2013, p45
The Birthday Party [Images from the Past, identifying the cavers in Descent 234)(236), Feb 2014, p18
Caves of Kras [Second International Meeting of Cave Photographers, image showcase](238), June 2014, pp20-9
MacWet gloves [gear review](240), Oct 2014, p23
Cavers Say Yes! [The results of the BCA poll concerning the CRoW campaign](242), Feb 2015, p14
Showcase: The Caves of Gunung Api [Mulu](242), Feb 2015, pp20-1
The Inconvenient Truth [Poor media reporting by Tesco magazine](242), Feb 2015, p37
Before Xanadu [Ghengis Khan's burial cave](243), April 2015, p27
It Was April, After All! [April Fool follow-up](244), June 2015, p33
To Foreign Climes [Ghar Parau expeditions 2014](244), June 2015, p34
Meet the Mellops [book review of Tomi Ungerer's The Mellops Go Spelunking](247), Dec 2015, p31
Surveying OFD ... and its vital statistics!(247), Dec 2015, pp38-9
Klean Kanteen Flasks [gear review](247), Dec 2015, p39
Problems at Draenen [legal threat issued by cavers](248), Feb 2016, p7
Apex Headlight [gear review](248), Feb 2016, p36
Exploring the World [Ghar Parau Foundation funding for 2016](252), Oct 2016, p25
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The World's Deepest Shafts(254), Feb 2017, pp24-5
EuroSpeleo (The Extras) [photo showcase](254), Feb 2017, pp34-5
Not One, but Two ... [BCRA field meeting, Gower](257), Aug 2017, p16
Gerber Multi-plier [gear review](257), Aug 2017, p44
The FixnZip [gear review](259), Dec 2017, p39
Cadw and Twll Du [new hole opened into Ogof Draenen](260), Dec 2017, p10
The Churchill Affair [Hidden Earth 2017](260), Dec 2017, pp28-31
Mission Impossible [huge rescue in Thailand, pt 1](263), Aug 2018, pp24-6
The Continuing Mission [Thailand rescue, pt 2](264), Oct 2018, pp24-6
Twin Peaks [NSS Convention, 2018](264), Oct 2018, pp34-6
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Business as Usual [Hidden Earth 2018](265), Dec 2018, pp38-41
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King Pharaoh's Cave [caption competition](271), Dec 2019, p21
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Croeso [Hidden Earth 2019](271), Dec 2019, pp32-5
A Perfect Storm [editorial](282), Oct 2021, pp6-7
The Barnes' Discovery [anniversary of discovering Barnes' Loop and Sump 1 in Swildon's Hole](282), Oct 2021, pp36-7
The Taylors [photography in Llethrid Swallet](283), Dec 2021, pp36-7
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Secret of the Sea Cave [caption competition](286), June 2022, p39
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Getting from There to Here [editorial](288), Oct 2022, p4
The Best of Books [Tratman Award 2020](288), Oct 2022, p16
Sweltering in Savoie [International Congress in France, 2022](288), Oct 2022, pp18-21
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Secret of the Sea Cave [caption competition results](288), Oct 2022, p46
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