Caving films online

The following links have been prepared as a service to cavers, drawing on reviews and reports in Descent. Each link will open a new window presenting films, documentaries and lectures on the subject of caving.

If you know of other high-quality films or collections that you think should be featured here, please drop us a link via e-mail.

Independent film-makers

Caving films by Sid Perou

A playlist of Sid Perou's superb films, arranged by date


A collection of films by Antonia and Andy Freem

Caver Keith

Caver Keith's Video Channel

Mendip Cave Registry and Archive of caving films

A superb archive of historic and more modern films, preserved for the caving community

Redhouse Productions

Paul Taylor's collection of caving films and clips

Underground Assignments

Caving films made by David Webb

Talks and lectures

A Golden Age

A superb set of talks at the Royal Geographical Society in December 2017, given as part of a celebration of fifty years of British cave exploration and science

Luminary Talks

Since 2012 the National Speleological Society in the USA has recorded Luminary Talks at its annual conventions

Caves in 3D

La Cueva de los Verdes

Hidden Earth video salon

The Hidden Earth Video Archive is your starting point. Links are below for entries to the video salon competition at Hidden Earth 2018.

Down and Dirty in Craig a Ffynnon by Antonia and Andy Freem (winner)

The Oreo Dream by Josh White (delegate vote winner)

Ogof Ffynnon Ddu: The Trident by Adrian Turner (merit for technical filming)

World of Caving by Keith Edward (merit for original music)

Seeking Darkness by Tom Booth (distinction for cinematography)

Keith’s Cavers in the Search for the Missing Potholer by Keith Edwards

Honey Creek Cave by Pete Glanvill

Three Years of Exploration in Ogof Marros by Antonia and Andy Freem

Thailand rescue films and documentaries

Against the Elements

One of the better films about the 2018 rescue, released by NewsAsia soon after the incident

Four Corners

An hour-long documentary published on 17 July 2018

20/20 - Thai Cave Rescue

Forty-minute news documentary in the 20/20 series from ABC

The Thailand Cave Rescue

BBC's 23-minute documentary, broadcast on 15 July 2018