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The Inside Story [Spain](141), April 1998, pp26-8
The Great Traverse of China [The Great Crack](161), Aug 2001, pp22-4
A British Standard for Expeditions(193), Dec 2006, p19
The Changing Face of British Expeditions [The Descent retrospective](203), Aug 2008, pp20-4
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Blasting Reveals Major Cave Series in Fairy Cave Quarry(22), Aug 1972, pp19-21
Sixties Caving [Write it down!](274), June 2020, pp36-7
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Decrypted Cavers [crossword solution](278), Feb 2021, p33
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Cave Photography. Part 2(30), Nov 1974, pp42-5
Cave Photography. Part 3(31), May 1975, pp36-7
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A Return to Pollaraftara(116), Feb 1994, pp26-7
Under Greenhow(117), April 1994, pp20-1
The Search for Long's Lake(118), June 1994, pp28-9
The Reluctant Diver [early cave diving](129), April 1996, pp20-1
Lancaster Nights [early exploration, Lancaster Hole](132), Oct 1996, pp26-7
In Casteret's Footsteps(138), Oct 1997, pp24-6
Gingling by Night(146), Feb 1999, pp28-9
Twenty Years After [1950s caving in Ireland](171), April 2003, pp24-5
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Probing the Secrets Behind Malham Cove(93), April 1990, pp32-3
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Karrimor Hot Rock Fleece [gear review](120), Oct 1994, p25
Gerbing Heated Clothing [gear review](126), Oct 1995, p33
Karrimor Condor 60-100 [gear review](129), April 1996, pp31-2
The Exploration of Beck Head(145), Dec 1998, p26
Probing Ingleborough's Secrets [extensions to showcave](160), June 2001, pp18-19
Finding Foot and Mouth [extension to Ingleborough Cave](162), Oct 2001, p10
The First Ingleborough Cave Survey(165), April 2002, pp28-9
Our Caving Capacity [UK passage lengths and caver numbers].(167), Aug 2002, p32
Measuring Ingleborough's Stal(170), Feb 2003, pp24-5
Dating Without Destruction(177), April 2004, pp34-5
A Speleologist and Man of Iron [obituary Jack Myers](205), Dec 2008, pp30-1
The Kirk Pot Extensions(226), June 2012, pp16-17
A Short Dig, an Open Dive [Grayrigg Main Rising](229), Dec 2012, pp20-1
Britain's Biggest Chamber ... [Gaping Gill](231), April 2013, pp18-19
Ashton's Flood Pulses [using flood pulses to predict the nature of unknown passages](242), Feb 2015, pp25-8
SOL Emergency Bivvy [gear review](258), Oct 2017, p26
CS Mudlark. An appreciation [gear review](260), Dec 2017, p37
Exploration ... for all [Northern Explorers' Forum](268), June 2019, pp34-7
The Peak-Speedwell Connection(271), Dec 2019, pp30-1
CORDINGLEY, John et alThis is Mr P.B. Smith ...(146), Feb 1999, pp24-5
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The Essentials of Cave Surveying. Part 2(14), Oct 1970, pp3-6
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The Neill Chest Box(39), July 1978, pp36-7
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The Great Cango Rescue(195), April 2007, pp37-8
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