Descent Author Index K

Index by Chris Howes complete to (288)




KARLEY, AidanBack in the Pleistocene [theft of archaeological bones by cave divers]
(259), Dec 2017, p39
KARVIK, JanGoing with the Flow at Ban-y-Gor [Ban-y-Gor Cave, Forest of Dean]
(165), April 2002, p13
Desperate to Dig [Kelly’s Lane Cave]
(165), April 2002, pp26-7
Spring Fever Extensions [Miss Grace’s Lane Cave]
(172), June 2003, p9
Up and Off Into Canyon Series [Miss Grace’s Lane Cave]
(175), Dec 2003, p19
KAYE, Martin et alAn Inspiration [Chas Yonge obituary, within main title Pushing the Frontiers]
(273), April 2020, pp35-7
KEAL, Jenny & BELLAMY, DavidSubterranean Sketching
(134), Feb 1997, pp26-8
KEALY, LiamThe Caving Treasures Locked Within the Black Mountains
(81), April 1988, pp14-17
KEEN, CliveA Yorkshireman in the Rockies
(138), Oct 1997, p26
The Bear Necessities [Write it Down!]
(264), Oct 2018, p37
KEENAN, Rose MarieMarble Arch. The new show cave
(66), Oct 1985, pp23-4
KELL, ChrisThe Darkness [fiction]
(280), June 2021, p33
KELLY, JamieDown the Deep Pit [descent of Pwll Dwfn]
(260), Dec 2017, p17
KELLY, JohnReyfad Pot
(96), Oct 1990, pp26-7
In the Absence of the One-eye [SUICRO conference 2001]
(164), Feb 2002, pp16-17
Exploring Pollnagran
(175), Dec 2003, p15
Discoveries in Crag
(283), Dec 2021, pp30-1
KELLY, John & BROWN, LesA Tale of Three Chokes [Shannon Cave / Polltullyard]
(185), Aug 2005, p33
KELLY, John, et alOnce You Taste It ... [obituary, Artur Kozlowski](223), Dec 2011, pp34-6
KEMP, AdrianThe Ady Standard [Write it Down! series](230), Feb 2013, p38
KENDALL, AndyDragon Tropical Oversuit [gear review]
(153), April 2000, p27
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [showcaves and conservation]
(166), June 2002, p28
A Feast of Science [science symposium]
(208), June 2009, p29
The Fun Side of Coming of Age [science symposium]
(214), June 2010, pp30-1
Groundwater Days [report on the KG@B Conference 2015]
(245), Aug 2015, p44
Cave Photography [poem]
(254), Feb 2017, p33
The Antipodean Caver [poem]
(284), Feb 2022, p43
KENDALL, Andy & GLANVILL, PeterUnderground Overground [Mendip Caving 2003]
(173), Aug 2003, pp34-5
KENDALL, Rick & DWYER, Steph & RYALL, DaveBumbling in the Dark [obituary Bryan 'Scoff' Schofield]
(260), Dec 2017, pp34-6
KENNEDY, Alasdair & KOZLOWSKI, ArturA Rite of Passage [Creevy Cave]
(212), Feb 2010, pp34-5
KENYON, E. ChrisWhose Bodies? The Trow Gill mystery
(87), April 1989, p27
Some Northern Stories & Legends
(101), Aug 1991, pp29-30
KERR, W.J. & REAICH, N.M.Radon Survey On Mendip
(91), Dec 1989, pp24-6
KERSHAW, RayThe Rise and Fall of Northern Caving [publication]
(208), June 2009, pp34-6
KIERNAN, KevinKhazad-Dum Still Deepest
(18), Sept 1971, pp11-12
KING, DaveRebolting Rhino: The remedial project
(282), Oct 2021, pp20-2
KING, SteveThe Chemistry of Rope
(188), Feb 2006, pp33-5
KIRBY, MattClearwater: A Mulu success
(92), Feb 1990, p33
KIRK, Peter & HOWES, Chris & GLANVILL, Peter & JEFFREYS, Alan & LUMLEY, MarkOf All Things Caving [Hidden Earth 2014](235), Dec 2013, pp30-4
KISSELJOV, Vladimir & VALE, Paz
Caving in the Shadow of Perestroika
(93), April 1990, pp30-1
KNIBBS, Tony & EYRE, JimThe Porth Phenomenon [Porth yr Ogof]
(111), April 1993, pp30-1
KNIGHT, LeeLife Thrives in Draenen(233), Aug 2013, p27
KNIGHT, PhilThe Sound of the Sea [Ogof Swn y Mor]
(277), Dec 2020, pp36-8
Climbing the Winze [mine exploration, South Wales]
(279), April 2021, pp24-5
KNOX, Colin ‘Steve’Whither the Whalf
(142), June 1998, pp30-2
To Gate or Not to Gate ...
(146), Feb 1999, p32
Hanging in the Peak
(150), Oct 1999, p30
Crewe Caps it All [Whalf Mine]
(154), June 2000, pp32-3
KNOX, Colin ‘Steve’ & BAKER, E.A.Descending the Peak Cavern
(149), Aug 1999, pp30-1
KNOX, Colin 'Steve' et alA Life Underground [tribute to Ralph Johnson](234), Oct 2013, pp24-7
KOZLOWSKI, ArturJourney to the Centre of the Earth [Pollatoomary]
(204), Oct 2008, pp20-2
In the Wake of Poseidon [Green Holes, part 1]
(208), June 2009, pp20-1
The Siren Song [Green Holes, part 2]
(209), Aug 2009, pp24-5
KOZLOWSKI, Artur & KENNEDY, AlasdairA Rite of Passage [Creevy Cave]
(212), Feb 2010, pp34-5