Second-hand copies of Descent

With such a wealth of information contained in the pages of Descent, out-of-print editions have become much sought after. To help collectors and researchers, where possible second-hand copies are available to supplement the back issues in stock.

Wild Places maintains a reasonable stock of out-of-print used editions of Descent, so as not to compete with the publisher selling back issues that have never been offered for sale. Availability of these varies a great deal. Some early and a few later editions are very scarce. Prices vary widely, according both to scarcity and condition – to a collector, creases or a stamped imprint would affect an issue's desirability, while clubs may only wish to have a 'reading copy' to place in the library.

Contents lists of the main articles may be found by looking at individual issues. Our online stock is listed here. note that not all the second-hand stock of Descent is online: if you are looking for a copy in a different conditions, or one that is not online, please contact us to enquire.

Please note that second-hand stocks can and do change rapidly. Different copies of the same issue may be available at differing prices, depending on condition, so use a search to uncover any others.