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Draughting Heights [Mulu Caves Project 2014 expedition](242), Feb 2015, pp16-24
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Cave Ahoy ... it's Cutthroat Caverns(268), June 2019, pp26-9
Petzl Boreo Caving helmet and Duo S headlight [gear review](272), Feb 2020, pp30-1
Known Only to Dragons [Armenia expedition](276), October 2020, pp32-4
Caves by Bike [caving during the pandemic](282), Oct 2021, pp34-5
Finding Big ... [Matienzo](285), April 2022, pp16-18
It's All Good in Mistletoe [Matienzo](286), June 2022, pp30-1
SCHOFIELD, Bryan 'Scoff'Of Wolves and the Search for String [El Manadero, Spain](159), April 2001, pp24-5
SCHOFIELD, Bryan 'Scoff' & RYALL, DaveDiving Without Limit [Doux de Coly](146), Feb 1999, pp20-3
Beyond 4,000 metres [Doux de Coly](147), April 1999, pp20-2
The Far Side of Gaping Gill(157), Dec 2000, pp20-2
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SHANNON GROUPWorking with St Patrick [Shannon Cave by group members](209), Aug 2009, pp32-3
SHAW, RichardGiant's Cave [identification of old postcard; see also 171:19](170), Feb 2003, p33
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SHINWELL, MarkShowcase [Sir Francis Level](217), Dec 2010, pp38-9
SHONE, RobbieA Little Bit on the Side [Sidetrack Cave](169), Dec 2002, pp26-7
The Elusive Nymph [cave life in Portugal](222), Oct 2011, pp20-1
Sarawak Chamber [photography](226), June 2012, pp24-7,30
In a League of his Own [Pavel Demidov obituary](277), Dec 2020, pp32-5
SHONE, Robbie & BARTON, HazelCaves of Tongzi [showcase](236), Feb 2014, p28-31
SHTILMAN, Nadav H.Caves in an Ancient Land [Israel](253), Dec 2016, pp28-9
SILVERWOOD, NeilA New Kind of Fun [Stormy Pot, New Zealand](229), Dec 2012, pp30-4
West Coast Caving! [Showcase](248), Feb 2016, pp20-1
Caving in the Wild West [of New Zealand](257), Aug 2017, pp22-7
SIMMONDS, VinceFrost and Ice at Hallowe'en [Hallowe'en Rift](265), Dec 2018, pp42-3
Land of Hope and Glory [Wookey Hole](277), Dec 2020, pp26-9
The Sherford Discovery - Observations at Sherford(285), April 2022, pp34-7
SIMMS, MikeMore of Megadrive? [Ogof Draenen](129), April 1996, pp27
Found and Lost [discovery and destruction of the oldest cave art in the UK](223), Dec 2011, p37
Memories of Draenen(275), August 2020, pp30-1
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Below Belize(107), Aug 1992, pp32-3
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Candlelight in the Philippines(100), June 1991, pp20-3
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In Bond's Footsteps [Bunkers in Russia](255), April 2017, pp36-7
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The Thrupe Connection(108), Oct 1992, pp26-7
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Helium for Deep Sump Dives(65), Aug 1985, p19
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