Descent (63)
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Descent (63), March 1985


Descent (63), March 1985


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Descent (63), March 1985

Daren Cilau

A high-level bypass has revealed a further 2.5 miles of passage and many open leads in Daren Cilau.

The NCA Column

The NCA reports back to cavers.

Money for Caving: Will We Miss the Boat Again?

Funding for expeditions is falling in relationship to the number of cavers leaving our shores – can anything be done?

Cave of the Black Waterfall

The discovery and exploration of Ogof Rhaeadr Ddu.

Java ’84

Warm water, hot bureaucracy, cool snakes – and a seven-mile-long cave still going!

Fantastico Elastico

Confused with your SRT rigging? Try Fantastico Elastico.

Neil Moss: A Turning Point in British Cave Rescue

George Cooper continues his coverage and far-reaching effects of the Neil Moss fatality in Peak Cavern.

Cover: Hugh Rice in the streamway near the Confluence, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu. Photo: Chris Howes

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