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Information about the Wild Places Publishing website

Using our website

We have tried to make the Wild Places Publishing website as easy to use as possible, within the confines of the software. If you think any area can be improved (or to suggest other FAQs that you feel would help, or simply to tell us we're doing okay!), please let us know - your feedback is valued.

What happened to the old website?

This is actually our fourth website. The first was established in 2009, but with no facility to place orders. The website was replaced in July 2014 and all the content was incorporated into the new one. It served us well, but eventually it required an upgrade in software for security reasons as well as to extend usability (the search feature has been upgraded, for example, as have other areas of the site).

The third iteration of the Wild Places Publishing website went online in January 2019, with the current version going live at the end of 2020. Though this superficially looked similar to version three, it was rebuilt in the latest software for security and operational reasons.

I was asked to accept cookies – what are they?

When you first visit this website you are asked to accept cookies; this will only happen once because your decision is stored in a cookie on your computer. Cookies are small text files that contain information which permits parts of the website to work, such as remembering the contents of your shopping basket while you browse, whether you are logged in or not. Cookies cannot harm your computer and are active for differing lengths of time: some are only stored until you close your browser, while others may last for several weeks or more. You can set your browser to refuse cookies, but parts of the site may not work. You can also delete cookies through your browser controls.

The required cookies that are set will deal with such things as remembering what you have in your shopping basket and that you have been to the site before (so you are not plagued with a reminder about cookies on every page) and to help us analyse how our site is used. We do not set advertising cookies.

What is this newsletter idea?

We have an option to sign up to a newsletter from Descent; if you register as a new user you will see the checkbox and if you are already registered you will find it in My Account under My Personal Information, where you can opt in or out at any time.

We have no intention to bombard you with annoying messages and certainly no thought of replacing the paper version of Descent in any manner at all. When the newsletter is up and running we hope to send a message sometime before each issue of Descent is published, to remind anyone who has yet to renew a subscription that they should do so now or else miss the timely delivery of their magazine direct from the printers (timely renewals help us a great deal, as it saves posting a reminder and keeps costs down).

It is also worth reminding you that we will not release any of your details (e-mail addresses included) to any other party.

Oh, and if you signed up for a newsletter perhaps years ago under the old website, that part of the software was a spectacular failure and no newsletters were ever sent out. We hope that the new site will be more helpful!

Finding information

Every page on the website has a Search box at the top; you can search for the content of back issues and book descriptions as well as titles. A quick way of finding back issues of Descent is to only type the issue number into the search box. You also have the option of using the Advanced Search, which includes all the information pages and the listings for Authors, Obituaries and Surveys as well as general searches for content. Start HERE to directly consult the listings ... We recommend reading the page on Using the Indexes before you begin.

The Wild Places Publishing website

The original Wild Places Publishing website was designed in Dreamweaver. This second, third and now this fourth website is based on PrestaShop open source software. All were developed in-house.

In case you came here via a search thinking to find photo galleries by Chris Howes, you need to head for a different site: Wild Places Photography (this will open a new window).