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Notes and advice on ordering from Wild Places Publishing

What happens after I place an order?

When you place your order with card payment you will receive an e-mail saying that the order is being processed; the e-mail will go to your registered (invoice) address as confirmation that your order has been received, with an invoice attached to a second e-mail. Your order has not been accepted until it is marked as despatched, when you will receive a third e-mail. Although this normally happens very quickly, please remember we are a small team and may not be able to despatch goods immediately (for example, if we are away caving).

I would like some help on using the website. Where may I find this?

We have tried to make finding information and ordering as easy as possible, so if you find something confusing do please let us know so that we can improve things (at least, as far as the software will allow us to). In the meantime, you may find our Website Guide of help as it is a step-by-step document on setting up an account and placing an order (clicking this link will open an Acrobat pdf file in a new window).

Please note: this was prepared for a previous version of the software and some details may differ; time has thus far prevented us updating this guide.

I'm having problems at the payment stage.

We're obviously sorry if you are having problems. The commonest (though still rare) problem for a rejection is a mismatch between your address and postcode as entered. All the instances we have learned of have been solved by checking that you have used the correct registered address (we are not in control of this stage as it is a Barclaycard anti-fraud measure). Please ensure you have an exact match ... more information about rejected payments appears in the Payment FAQ.

Why are there drop-down boxes for all the products?

Most pages have one set of options, to choose where your order will be posted to. This enables us to change the price according to delivery costs, because all our prices include delivery. Other option boxes are required on the subscription pages so that you can select how long you wish your subscription to run for and which issue to start with.

I chose the wrong drop-down box ...

Don't worry - you can go back and change your selection at any point up until you place the order. After that, of course, we will have received your order so you should let us know about the problem so that we can help to correct things.

It is important that the drop-down box you select in the options matches the delivery address you choose during checkout, or else the price you paid could be incorrect. If so, we will have no option but to reject your mismatched order, such as paying for a UK subscription but asking that it be delivered to an international address.

What is 'My Invoice Address'?

When you first register you should enter your own details - these should match those for your credit card, if you intend to pay this way. This is your Invoice Address (the e-mail address you enter in the Personal Information section is where your order confirmation and invoice will be sent, even if your goods or subscription are posted elsewhere). Please note that if your Invoice Address does not match the address your card is registered to, the transaction will be declined.

What is the difference between the Invoice and Delivery addresses?

When you register, you will enter your own details and give this a memorable name (the default is My Home Address, but you can change this to anything you wish). This Invoice Address MUST be the address your credit or debit card is registered to and it is where the order confirmation is sent by e-mail (if this address does not match your card, your bank will reject the payment).

However, you can create as many Delivery Addresses that you require – these are addresses where you wish your order(s) to be sent, perhaps your workplace or a gift subscription for a friend. You will have a chance to select one of these during checkout.

How do I know if an item is in stock?

Web pages will initially show items as 'Unavailable - until you choose your options', but after choosing where it should be posted (and for subscriptions, some other options), the notice will change to green and show 'In Stock'. Out-of-stock items will be labelled as Unavailable or simply Out of Stock (for example, early back issues of Descent).

How do I obtain an invoice or receipt?

When you put through an order you will receive an e-mail confirmation with an attached pdf invoice. Note that this stage represents an acknowledgement of receipt of your order; it is not accepted until we report that the payment has been processed and the goods are marked for delivery.

I need a VAT receipt - how can I get one?

Wild Places Publishing is VAT registered and all prices on this website include VAT, where relevant.

Please remember that in the UK books and magazines are zero-rated for VAT (so very, very few of our items for sale have any VAT component). If you need a VAT receipt for one of these 'non-publication' items, please ask and we will send you one.

The address showing during checkout is the wrong one!

If you have more than one address in your account, it is possible that the 'wrong' one might appear as the Delivery or Invoice address on the checkout page. Links and/or a checkbox are available during checkout to display more options. By default, your first registered address will appear. Use the link below this to make other addresses appear (so that you can change your selection) or to add a new address.

Why do you want my phone number?

Adding a phone number to your account is optional, but doing so may help both you and us.

Every now and then we need to check some detail in an order, quite often concerning an address, and if we do not have an early reply to an email and cannot phone you, this could result in a delay in posting your order. We don't share your details with any other company, other than when required to complete your order (such as for a courier, which always requires a phone number).

Please note that an increasing number of countries require a telephone number to be written on the outside of parcels, without which delivery will either not be attempted or no second attempt will be made. Wild Places has had packages returned from European destinations because they lacked a phone number (in particular, from Belgium). If you are ordering for a non-UK address, please add a phone number to your registration.

I want to send a gift to someone – can you arrange that?

Yes. This is a similar situation to having goods delivered to your work address. Set up the address you wish to use for a gift, perhaps a subscription renewal, in Your Account and select a different Delivery address to the Invoice address (usually your home address and e-mail) during checkout. If you would like a note inserted with the present, add your request to the comments box during checkout, or send us an email.

I want my gift to be a surprise. Is that a problem?

That shouldn't be a problem. The email confirmation and invoice will go to the email address you entered during registration. Simply make sure that you select your address for the Invoice and that for the lucky gift recipient for the Delivery address.

Our standard address slip shows our return address, so if you wish this hidden please tell us at the same time as placing the order.

I would like to divide my order between two addresses – is that possible?

Yes, we can do this. Customers sometimes like to have the first issue of a gift subscription sent to your own address, so that you have something to give in person, and the remainder to the recipient. Or perhaps you need a binder sent to you, but the magazine subscription (which will start later) to someone else.

While we at Wild Places are flexible, the software is not! Use the comments box during checkout to add your notes and instructions, or contact us direct to ask for advice. We'll try to help.

May I purchase multiple subscriptions?

Yes, of course you can, with a slight limitation. The software is not flexible enough to allow clarity when choosing delivery addresses for two or more subscriptions. It is better to put the orders through separately or else to contact us so that we can help to reduce the chance of error. It will help if you supply full notes on your needs during checkout, or email the details perhaps after speaking on the phone.