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Obituary Index W




WAITE, NickFatality(82), June 1988, p12
WARBURTON, DenisFatality(189), April 2006, p16
Obituary(190), June 2006, p12
Obituary(192), Oct 2006, p35
WARWICK, GordonObituary
(54), Aug 1983, p8
WATERFALL, SidneyObituary(179), Aug 2004, p10
WATKINSON, PeteObituary(276), October 2020, p7
WATSON, EwanFatality(141), April 1998, p9
WATSON, TomFatality(166), June 2002, p9
WATT, Jon 'Watty'Obituary(196), June 2007, p9
Obituary(197), Aug 2007, pp26-7
WEAVER, DavidFatality(125), Aug 1995, p7
Fatality(135), April 1997, p28
WEBSELL, RichardObituary(154), June 2000, p18
WEIR, MarkFatality(220), June 2011, p20
WELLS, OliverObituary(231), April 2013, p40
WESTON, PaulObituary(239), Aug 2014, p15
WHITEHEAD, PhillipFatality(269), Aug 2019, p8
WHITEHEAD, RobinObituary(260), Dec 2017, p15
WIDMER, UrsFatality(226), June 2012, p6
Obituary(228), Oct 2012, pp22-9
WILDE, John 'Bosh'Fatality & obituary(144), Oct 1998, p5
WILLCOCKS, WallyObituary(166), June 2002, p12
WILLIAMS, BrianFatality(4), Aug 1983, p28,30
WILLIAMS, JohnFatality(96), Oct 1990, p28-9
Fatality(97), Dec 1990, p37
Fatality(98), Feb 1991, p38
WILLIAMS, John 'Jingles'Fatality(196), June 2007, p14
Fatality (ashes)(222), Oct 2011, p17
WILLIAMSON, MaggieFatality(224), Feb 2012, p5
WILTON, BarryFatality(196), June 2007, p14
WINPENNY, TedObituary(196), June 2007, p10
WOOD, ChristopherObituary(226), June 2012, p12
WOOD, Michael 'Squirrel'Fatality(260), Dec 2017, p9
WOODALL, ArthurObituary(237), April 2014, p11
WOODING, MikeObituary(192), Oct 2006, p14
Obituary (film tribute)(193), Dec 2006, pp28-9
WOODHOUSE, MarkFatality(47), Jan 1981, p5
WOODS, DavidFatality(48), Aug 1983, p15
Obituary(50), Aug 1983, p13
WOOLLEY, JohnObituary(165), April 2002, p6
WORKMAN, GeoffObituary(277), Dec 2020, p11
Obituary(279), April 2021, p30
WRIGHT. James Ian 'Buster'Obituary(191), Aug 2006, p10
WRIGHT, RayObituary(246), Oct 2015, p15