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Obituary Index F




FAIRCLOUGH, BobObituary(122), Feb 1995, p6
FAIRHOLME, RaymondObituary
(99), April 1991, p11
FARMER, RobertObituary(180), Oct 2004, p8
FARR, EricObituary(51), March 1982, p40-1
FARR, HelenObituary(275), August 2020, p42
FARRER, Dr JohnObituary(236), Feb 2014, p9
Obituary(237), April 2014, p11
FARROW, AndrewObituary(275), August 2020, pp42-3
FELLOWES, SusannaFatality(110), Feb 1993, p5
Fatality(111), April 1993, p14
Obituary(112), June 1993, p7
FERGUSON, EricObituary(190), June 2006, p19
FIDOE, BarbaraObituary(243), April 2015, p5
FINCHAM, Alan G.Obituary(260), Dec 2017, p15
FITCH, TerryFatality & obituary(205), Dec 2008, pp6,16
FITTON, J.Fatality(45), March 1980, p21-2
FLANNELL, DaveFatality(176), Feb 2004, p19
FLEMING, PeterObituary(229), Dec 2012, p17
FLETCHER, CarolineFatality(200), Feb 2008, p13
Fatality (inquest)(202), June 2008, p7
FORD, TrevorObituary(255), April 2017, pp9, 34-5
Rememberance and scattering ashes(263), Aug 2018, p10
FOSTER, BruceObituary(101), Aug 1991, p8
FOWDEN, TomObituary(155), Aug 2000, p9
FOWLER, PeterFatality(146), Feb 1999, p10
Obituary(147), April 1999, p25
Fatality [inquest](149), Aug 1999, p11
FOX, BrianFatality(34), Aug 1976, p8-9
FRAKES, BillFatality(256), June 2017, pp24-5
FRANCIS, AlbertObituary(187), Dec 2005, p9
FRITH, Lewis 'Biff'Obituary(258), Oct 2017, p11
Obituary(259), Dec 2017, pp45-6
FROST, FrankObituary(49), July 1981, pp18-19
FURNESS-SMITH, CharlotteFatality(235), Dec 2013, p6
FYVIE, MarkFatality(202), June 2008, p6