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Author Index T




TABB, PeterDescent into the Peculiar [Channel Islands wartime tunnels]
(184), June 2005, pp34-5
TARRAN, SteveExtension Made to Ayleburn Pot
(38), March 1978, pp14-15
TATE, PhilConverting to An Expedition Carbide Lamp
(42), July 1979, pp8-11
TAYLOR, AlanThe Exploration of Ogof Cwbl Hardd
(95), Aug 1990, pp22-3
TAYLOR, JohnProving Martel’s Postulate [Bagshawe Resurgence Cave]
(205), Dec 2008, p25
TAYLOR, John & GIGG, Michelle & HAMNETT, TobyThe Alpazat Connection [Mexico]
(178), June 2004, pp20-4
TAYLOR, PaulIf at First you Don’t Succeed ... Dig Another Shaft
(152), Feb 2000, pp28-9
Out of Sight, Out of Mind [Slaughter Stream Cave pollution](168), Oct 2002, pp28-9
Radon in the Forest [radon survey results](170), Feb 2003, pp22-3
Filming the Forest’s Bones(177), April 2004, pp24-6
Reaching 250 [trips in Otter Hole]
(282), Oct 2021, pp24-5
TAYLOR, Paul & ELLIOTT, JohnTime and Tide Wait for ... Cave Rescue [Otter Hole]
(174), Oct 2003, p33
TAYLOR, Paul & TUFFLEY, DaveForays in the Forest
(176), Feb 2004, pp28-30
TELFER, Duncan & BIRCHALL, JimThe Long-armed Man [photo manipulation/cave art studies]
(131), Aug 1996, p34
THOMAS, AlanBritish Team Challenges Austria’s Ahnenschacht
(5), July 1969, pp31-5
THOMAS, Carl et alThe Moorland Excalibur [Excalibur Pot discovery]
(202), June 2008, pp20-1
THOMAS, Gethin & MEHEW, BobTesting Anchors in Slate
(249), April 2016, pp32-4
THOMAS, MarcusWhat Goes On in the Shadows [dye-tracing in Bulmer Cavern]
(245), Aug 2015, pp22-31
THOMAS, SteveFollow That Frog! [Ogof Ffynnon Ddu]
(135), April 1997, pp20-2
Traser Sports Watch [gear review]
(144), Oct 1998, p33
Crusader Wetsuits [gear review]
(154), June 2000, p19
Traser Titan P6506 [gear review]
(187), Dec 2005, p15
THOMAS, Steve et alConnections II [discovery of Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, part 2]
(200), Feb 2008, pp36-40
THOMSON, DonaldOliver Lloyd [obituary]
(65), Aug 1985, p8
THOMSON, TomLife in Matienzo [Cave Science: biology project]
(253), Dec 2016, p39
THORNE, NickEislufthöhle Still Going for CUCC at 1,148ft
(40), Jan 1979, pp10-11
The Floating Cam: A faster rate of ascent for the caver
(42), July 1979, pp27-31
Cambridge Expedition Bottoms Austria’s Eislufthöhle
(44), Jan 1980, pp36-8
Hot Tips for Rack Users
(45), March 1980, pp15-16
Stellerweghöhle. CUCC’s –1,200ft alternative to early German route
(49), July 1981, p46
THORP, John ‘Lugger’Once in a Blue Moon [Wizards Chasm]
(147), April 1999, pp26-8
TILBURY, Brian 'Buckett'More Memories
(284), Feb 2022, pp44-5
TILLOTSON, I.J.LAgen Allwedd – Common code of conduct
(58), May 1984, pp11-12
TOCHTERLE, PaulCCCs at Bagpit
(280), June 2021, p25
TODD, JulianWikipedian Cavers [updating cave content on the web](226), June 2012, p35
TODD, Julian & ATKINSON, AndrewA Data Set for the North [surveying and archiving project](236), Feb 2014, pp32-3
TODD, Malcolm
New Committee will Control Access to Surrey’s Arch Mine
(54), Aug 1983, p33
TOPHAM, MikeA Risk with Bolts in SRT
(48), March 1981, p38
TORBET, AndyMarginal Gains [diving, Daren Cilau]
(284), Feb 2022, pp16-18
TOWNDROW, PeteFifty Shapes of Grey [Write it Down!](285), April 2022, p38
TOWNER, KevinReading University Leave Spanish Shaft Unexplored
(24), July 1973, p31
TRINGHAM, MarkShort but Sweet [expedition to Ethiopia](222), Oct 2011, pp30-2
TRULUCK, Tim & AUCAMP, PetePrusiking on a Core [Zimbabwe exploration]
(122), Feb 1995, pp34-5
TUCKER, RogerWhernside Revisited
(45), March 1980, pp37-8
A Week of Classic Caving with the Manor [Whernside Manor]
(52), Oct 1982, p30
TUFFLEY, Dave & TAYLOR, PaulForays in the Forest
(176), Feb 2004, pp28-30
TURCOTT, Gustavo VelaSearching the Depths [Mexico]
(213), April 2010, pp24-5
TURNER, JohnLimited Finds in N.W. Pakistan Recce
(35), Jan 1977, pp42-3
Himalayan Expedition. Second field report
(36), March 1977, pp44-5
TYE, FredThe Double Digger Dig [Mendip digging with mechanical excavators]
(159), April 2001, pp34-5
TYERS, Rhys & RACINE, TanguyCall of the Depths [Migovec 2018-19]
(275), August 2020, pp32-6
TYLER, IanSeathwaite Lead Mines
(86), Feb 1989, p23