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Advertise with Descent

Descent is uniquely placed to reach outdoor enthusiasts that other magazines may not; cavers can be single-minded and Descent is perfect to inform them of your latest product, an outdoor shop selling caving kit or even sources of more general things that cavers use such as tents and walking boots. Then there are places to stay and places to eat and drink ...

When you advertise in Descent you gain all the advantages of doing so on paper, as opposed to online alone. Perhaps you wish to drive traffic to your own website, or rely on an online presence on a forum or other site, but these require that a prospective customer is proactive. At Descent we pride ourselves at offering appropriate editorial support for our advertisers where a news element enables this. We publish the best articles and news reports that can be found, online or in print, and because readers purchase their copy, they are extremely likely to see your advert because they will scrutinise every page.

Remember: not everyone is online, and our readership frequently indicates how much they appreciate reading their copies of Descent and using this to keep up with what is happening in the caving world, as they do not spend time online. Descent offers a permanent presence that reaches its target audience every time. Despite common misperceptions, research indicates that printed material is on the rise and that printed adverts tend to be trusted over online adverts (this extremely interesting analysis of research in 2018 covers both print and digital advertising; this link opens a new window).

Our online Home Page banner cycles through our main advertisers - each banner is clickable and takes the viewer to the site of your choice. We do not sell banner space, but construct banners only for our advertisers as a free add-on, with reported appreciation for the results.

As a potential advertiser you have to decide where best to place your promotion, whether a business or a service. It is likely that you will want both print and online exposure; allow us to assist you with preparing your advertising to best effect. Make contact and see how we can help.

Advert sizes and Types

Descent carries colour advertisements based on areas of an eighth, quarter, half and full page. Full specifications appear below for anyone supplying a ready-made advertisement. Alternatively, Descent offers a free design service for adverts appearing in its pages; please contact us for advice. We can also carry inserts if you have ready-printed material you would like to distribute (or we can arrange for it to be printed for you), and that means anything from an A5 sheet of paper to a brochure or mouse mat.

In addition, the classified page (aptly, better known as Calcified Ads) is open to all. Prices here are based on the number of words for text entries, or by area for boxed ads. This has always proved a popular page for small adverts for clubs – and the best part is that there is no charge for lost and found entries, nor for clubs advertising accommodation or meeting places to attract new members (commercial adverts bear a nominal charge). Space is limited, so we may edit your entry to keep more clubs on the page; with this in mind, please keep your requested entry short. Club entries may also appear on our clubs & groups page.

So make contact with Wild Places Publishing if you would like to place an advert or check what is required; discounts are available for series of adverts. Links to advertisers supporting Descent appear under the headings of Accommodation, Equipment, Events and Training, and for display advertisers the inclusion of a banner in the rotating set on our Home Page.


File: We accept the following file formats for advertisements: psd, tif, jpg and pdf (tif/jpg and pdf preferred).

Content: If sending source files, please ensure that all images, graphics and fonts are included in 'collect for output' or embedded within the file or, in the case of fonts, rendered to a bitmap or converted to curves. Please use low compression ratios for jpg preparation (no worse/lower than Photoshop level 7) and, if relevant for the preparation format and particularly for pdf output, flatten to a single layer. When outputting to pdf directly from a layout programme, please note that:

  • Word, Excel and Powerpoint are unsuitable resources to produce print-ready files
  • Please use the PDF/X Standard (PDF/X3-Standard or
    PDF/X1a-Standard setting
  • For pdf output select 'compatibility 1.3' to ensure transparencies are flattened; if outputting from a programme which does not support the PDF/X standard this can also avoid a number of problems

Design: The areas below represent the maximum permitted for a booked space. A design feature that allows some part of the content to 'cross the keyline' (extend outside the line bounding the advert, so that it protrudes into the gutter or margin) will only be accepted to a maximum of 2mm and then only by arrangement. If this instruction is ignored the additional material may be cropped. Also note the comment below for full page bleeds.

Do not use hairlines. Lines that are thinner than 0.20 point may not print correctly.

Other than for full page bleeds, sizes below are for the finished size of advert. When designing, bear in mind that if you do not use a keyline (line around the edge of your advert), but you use a white background, leaving white space between the edge of your content and the edge of your advert will only make your advert appear smaller than it should when printed on a white page. We will attempt to scale your advert if you do this, but only in proportion to the original. It is better if, during design, you bear this parameter in mind.

Sizes (mm) based on A4 trimmed size (210 x 297)

Eighth page

91 wide x 68 high


91 wide x 133 high


187 wide x 133 high
(vertical format is 91mm wide and 270mm high; this format is accepted subject to layout considerations so please discuss your requirements)


210 wide x 297 high trimmed size: +3mm bleed required
(size including bleed: 216 wide x 303 high); any part of the design that does not bleed off the edge of the page should be a minimum distance of 5mm from the edge (the margin), to avoid any risk of being trimmed off.

Resolution: 300 ppi.

Colour: CMYK. Any file supplied in RGB will be converted using the following ICC profile: ISO Coated V2 300% (ECI). Files supplied in other CMYK profiles will also be converted and if a file is received with no embedded profile it (or an appropriate RGB profile before conversion) will be assigned by default. If you lack this profile, both PC and Mac versions are contained within the zip file downloadable from the ECI website (opens a new window).

Please ensure that colours are within gamut for this profile if supplying an RGB file: responsibility rests with the supplier concerning any changes in colour due to this conversion (if required, please enquire for advice with this); if conversion of any file is required for printing, no responsibility will be taken by Wild Places Publishing for any colour change. As a matter of course we do not print Pantone or Hex colours or varnish, though these facilities may be offered by special arrangement.

TAC: Total area coverage of 300% maximum in the darkest area (using the above profile as a final conversion step from RGB will maintain this requirement).

Other notes: Display advertisers gain a free banner on our home page. This will be constructed by Wild Places, but you are free to request the url that it links to if this is not obvious from your advertising material. Depending on the nature of your advert, where appropriate we will include editorial mention of your product or service on request, but this should have a news element to help our presentation. The banner and other links remain active for the period that the issue of Descent remains current.

Design: If any requirement here is unclear or you would like advice or help in file preparation, do not hesitate to contact us.


If you wish to pay an invoice for advertising using a card on our website, use these two pages depending on whether the outstanding amount is in complete pounds (such as £10) or fractions, as in pounds and pennies (such as £10.62).